From 1997 with the purpose of strategically supporting helicopters and airplanes operations.


    From 1997 with the purpose of strategically supporting helicopters and airplanes operations.

Parts Sales

Jaguar Aviation supports the provision of parts through a modern supply system, with a large inventory of spare parts in stock.

Aircraft Sales

Are you thinking about changing your Aircraft, perhaps purchasing a new one? Whatever your need is, we are here for you, to make your dreams come true.


Jaguar Aviation provide a variety of helicopters as well as airplane models for the transportation of passengers and of cargo activities.


We have a highly qualified team of aeronautical professionals, who possess the knowledge and experience to offer solutions for your requirements.


Audits for Airlines Companies and Services Centers.


Safety Management Systems (SMS) for aircraft operators and aircraft Maintenance Centers.


Analysis, development and implementation of programs for the management of your air operations.


Flight training for helicopter pilots with the technique of Long Line / Vertical Reference.


Pre-purchase Inspections for Airplanes and Helicopters.

Aircraft Leasing

Wet & Dry Lease

Allow us to provide you the right aircraft to meet your operational needs by contacting us with your rental requirements.

Parts Sales

We supply parts for all types of avionics, accessories and components in new or refurbished condition. Our database and commercial agreements give us the advantage to work with most renowned workshops of the United States that specialize in repair, replacement and overhaul of instruments, generators, electrical units, pressure transmitters, fuel booster pumps, fuel control units, servo actuators , among others.

Aircraft Sales

Our team of exceptional professionals at Jaguar Aviation can help you in the search, purchase and sale of the Aircraft, making your experience not only pleasant but efficient and unique.

Our knowledge also extends beyond buying and selling aircrafts; we can assist with ensuring the aircraft’s safety as well as helping you with find the right financing for your purchase.

Contact us, whether it is to buy your dream Aircraft, replace your current one or even sell it.




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