Jaguar Aviation was founded in 1997 with the purpose of strategically supporting helicopters and airplanes operations that the company held in different countries of South America through the provision of spare parts and aircraft components, which were acquired by the main office located in Ft. Lauderdale and later sent directly to each particular operation. This service increased with the reception of aeronautical accessories and components which came from each operation site to Jaguar to centralize and manage the repair of each element, and thus lead them to different repair and/or overhaul workshops according to the required specialty such as instruments, hydraulic actuators, fuel booster pumps, dynamic components and engines and their respective accessories.

Since its first days, Jaguar has made over a million shipments, and besides the shipping and receiving of parts and/or accessories, it has implemented the shipment of aircrafts by air, sea and/or ferry flight.

Following the increase in air activity and the demand of services received from several air operators in the region, in 2008 Jaguar Aviation ceased air operations, becoming an independent company, which with commercial agreements achieved with several manufacturers, repair workshops and years of experience, has become provider of spare parts, rental and sale services of aircrafts and engines, among others, for the entire aviation market.


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